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  1. “LET Medical” presents EX735Ag which sets the new standards of efficiency for professional models: two independent technologies in one device united by automatic selection system. Two healing technologies, SCENAR and COSMODIC, ensure that your approach to treatment is appropriate for each individual case and significantly reduce time needed for recovery. -“LET Medical” presents EX735Ag Slider, which sets new standards of efficiency for professional models. We have implemented a “sliding” technology where the acting impulse is “sliding” between SCENAR and COSMODIC, in a fully automatic mode. “Sliding” SCENAR-COSMODIC technology not just provides correct approach to treatment, but makes it a high-precision one. And enlarges treatment capabilities a lot.

  2. Todd

    Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today Mike! I’m looking forward to getting a Slider very soon as just one treatment with it has initiated healing that has been absent during 15 years of back problems..!

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