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  1. Maria J.

    When will the DX 1 and 2 be available? It is over 2 yrs now since they have been announced.

    • Hi, Maria,

      The DX1 is available, but we do not stock it due to low demand. It has to be specifically ordered.

      Unfortunately, the DX2 is not in production yet. LET Medical redirected their resources to the development and production of the ENS and development of the “smart attachments” was delayed. We will let the community know when they become available.

  2. Suresh Ganeriwalla

    I am interested in DX-duo. Would like to know the price.

    • Dear Suresh,

      Unfortunately, the DX-duo (DX2) is not in production yet. LET Medical has released a limited experimental batch of the DX-uno (DX1) units, and they are working just fine. The mass production, however, has not yet begun.

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