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  1. Interesting post, Irena.

    Like you probably I too have had many websites shut down because of the new trademark for SCENAR. Normally, this is a process that demamnds a court ordered action. However, they found a way of contacting the ISP with claims for infringement, but with no actual evidence of misuse.

    Like you mention the word SCENAR has been arond for 30 years and in the piublic domain. And somehow they managed to get the trademark through with FULL knowledge that thousdands of web pages and printed manuals (by various manufactueres) had been using the word SCENAR even before they received the trademark, and a lot of them sold devices (and therefore have rights of first use) in many states in the US and around the world.

    So, the shadow world of SCENAR is being dirtied once more and the people needing the pain relief most are now even more confused, alienated and skeptical.

    What a dirty trick, self defeating actions against the free and open use of the word SCENAR for all those peolpe needing help.

    Personally I do not have the resource for a court action, however, I know the law and maybe a class action suit is needed here.

    Your thoughts would be welcome, and btw how comes your site is not shut down?

    Blessings in your work,


    • Dr. Irina

      Hi, Benedick,

      Thanks for your support. Yes, another shadow on the SCENAR world…
      And yes, we’ve got affected by this trade mark issue as well. As of now, we are in a legal trademark dispute with SCENAR Health USA in the States (“we” means LET Medical and Mediscen). We also got support of the other SCENAR groups in the USA and beyond.

      This particular site is a JV with LET Medical, who at the moment is holding the trademark “SCENAR” in Russia for SCENAR therapy (class 41). As you may or may not be aware, OKB Ritm recently lost the SCENAR trademark in Russia for class 10 (for SCENAR devices) as a result of a trademark dispute. Will see where it goes from there 🙂

      Nice to hear from you 🙂

      Dr. Irina

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