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  1. Helen West

    My step-son was treated using the Scenar when he had a rugby injury. The doctors said he would need to take pain for the rest of his life. Several treatments later by Rob J Esser he was without pain and has now has a bicycle shop in Bournmouth and is very active thanks to Robs treatment.
    Can you please let me know who in the Canterbury area where I can find some-one who could treat my daughter who has severe back pain and has tried many other treatments with no success?I truly believe that only someone who has a scenar would be able to help my daughter (Emily).

    I hope you able to source someone with Scenar for me.

  2. Bianca Plug

    I read an article about Rob Esser and his scenar-therapy. I know that he has a practice in the Netherlands, but can not find his address. Can you please give me this information?

    Yours sincerely,
    Bianca Plug

    • Dear Bianka,

      We do not have Dr. Esser’s physical address in Holland, but our office will email you his email address and you can contact him directly. Hope you will be able to connect; we could not recommend him high enough.

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