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  1. Dear Irena and Dr Alexander Karasev.

    Alexander and Irena – Thank you for your dedication to your work & making it known to the West. And thank you for this site – I am enjoying listening to the talks and reading up on what you have to say.

    Q1: Have you or anyone you know had any success with treating the following conditions – if so can you pass on any tips please?

    Fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, tinnitis, slight incontinence & bowels not working.
    Muscular Distrophy affecting every muscle in body including bowels & heart (hereditary)
    Multiple Sclerosis (45 kilo body weight) Hereditary
    Spinocebellar Ataxia. very shaky arms & soon will be unable to undersand them. Hereditary.

    My history with SCENAR. I lived with intensifying nerve pain for several years eventually not sleeping 2 years after falling off roof scaffolding at my home 2001. I can walk and to look at me you would think there was nothing wrong. I am however still dealing with pain, pins & needles, numbness & coldness to my extremities & other issues (like carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia and insomnia – all developed since the fall. The pain is managed by SCENAR however it does return due to pinched nerves in neck & spine. A friend rang to tell me about SCENAR.

  2. shona

    I feel so privileged to own a Slider! Even as a total scenar novice I have had outstanding success.
    One woman could breathe thru her nose for the first time in 15 years! I was wondering why she kept sniffing and saying wow… so that was what she told me 🙂
    One treatment freeing up a carpel tunnel; cysts in breast disappearing; lowered blood pressure… Never having owned any other device I cannot compare.
    I just say, Thank you.

    Shona Wilson,
    New Zealand

  3. Bob & Debbie Fry

    Thank You! Thank You! We always learn something new from your Teleconferences and Webinars. We were not able to be in on the last Teleconference and are very greatful that you made it available on line. We are putting coins in the piggy bank to purchase the Slider in the very near future.

    Again,Thank You,

    Bob & Debbie Fry

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