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  1. Matthew Clark


    I wonder if scenar or cosmodic is better for polymyositis. It is a chronic inflammatory condition of the muscles caused by agressive auto-immune T cells.

    Has anyone used these for inflammatory myositis an know which is better for this?



  2. PT

    It is my understanding that what you are describing is the difference between the EX735Ag and the Ex735 Modific, which has been around awhile. The slider may be a new development by the idea of the “active” treatment is not new, as I understand it.

    • Dr. Irina

      Both EX735Ag and EX735Ag Modific have “active” SCENAR and “active” COSMODIC in them. The Slider has it as well – but the Slider also automatically and dynamically changes the SCENAR:COSMODIC ratio during treatment, which the previous models don’t do (it is more either/or option with the other devices of the EX735 group).

      Dr. Irina

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