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  1. Saundra Grillo

    Hello Dr Irena,
    My boyfriend has had two traumatic brain injuries. He was almost better when the second incident occurred in a car accident this past January.
    It has affected his vision the worst. One of his eyes was becoming crossed. The doctor has him on prism dark glasses to try to correct his vertigo, and double vision. Are you familiar with any protocols I could use to help him?
    According to the doctor, eventually his brain will be able to process his vision. They say this can take up to two years.
    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
    Saundra Grillo

    • Dear Saundra,

      Sorry, I missed your comment and late with my reply 🙁

      Traumatic strabismus (crossed eyes and the resulted double vision) is quite difficult to correct. Most of us are born with some degree of strabismus, but as eye develops, the brain learns to coordinate the twelve eye muscles to keep both eyes aligned. When a brain injury happens, this learned skill can be lost, and the eyes return to their original discoordinated state. Re-learning to coordinate eye is extremely challenging, and yes, takes time.

      You may want to try, very gently, The Brain Cross protocol with you EX735: http://healthboss.org/blog/2015/12/20/brain-cross-protocol/. Even though we do not have any reports yet for this protocol working on strabismus, we had glowing reports on many other conditions, so it’s worth a try.
      Work on the 7 points on the face and on the specific eye points (on both sides) as described here: http://healthboss.org/blog/2015/05/31/vision-with-healing-fusion/.

      It’s going to get better with time.

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