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  2. Hi,I previously eialmed you Prof, but have not heard back. I mentioned that I have a chronic problem with both feet that causes pain and/or discomfort when I walk. I also had a compound fracture of the right tibia in 1968. I would very much like to try a few sessions with the SCENAR, and if it is effective, I will purchase one and also take the training. In my previous email I asked if there was anyone available in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area that I could go to for a few SCENAR sessions. I have not heard back from you. Can you please email me back at I’m very enthusiastic about the SCENAR and its possible use for myself (and others.) Thank you,Bart Ellis

  3. Settings for scoliosis

    SCENAR settings for SCOLIOSIS
    Scoliosis and pancreatitis experience

    First, I own the 97.4 Scenar and am a believer in its many miracles because I have seen them first hand. Most impressive to me, is that my therapist was able to change my adult height of 5’4″ to 5’5″ with to to 3 treatments per week over a 10 week period. Felt and looked better than ever. We could not get it to hold but I was willing to sustain the height that did stay and was able to do it with monthly treatments. The therapist moved and after 5 years of no treatments I am back where I began. I am writing in hopes of finding someone that will share the settings used on the inside and outside of the curve. I have an S curve and remember that they are different but do not remember the rest.

    I can use my Scenar for pain (pancreatitis was a real test) and my Doctor could not believe I would not take the pain meds. I have used it on cuts, burns, broken bones, thyroid goiter of 3 inches in diameter that disappeared in a week, knee pain and many other things.

    If anyone knows the settings for scoliosis, please contact me at joannb12@gmail.com

    Jo Beckstead

  4. Kees van Woudenberg

    Boiling water burn experience

    Dear Irina, I’d like to tell you that after I spilled cooking water 100derg C over my belly I used the EX735 Modific on the highest level (manual) and swept it over my Belly for 15 min. And I can tell you the unbelievable story: I felt NO PAIN at all, NO REDNESS and NO BLISTERS.

    Further on vacation in the Caribbean with many type of insect, after the sting: 1 min. on the place with XE374 Modific – and no problem.

    My Cardiologist is amazed that my heart is still the same. With Cardiomyopathy you are usually in bad shape – but it is still stable. He is amazed about my SCENAR.



  5. Jeff Gibbs

    “By the time I was done all the pain was gone, and I didn’t even consider seeing a chiropractor”
    Pulled back muscles experience

    I had heard that scenars and cosmodics worked well on back injuries, but really did not pay a lot of attention to that since it was not a problem I had. Then a year and a half ago I pulled a muscle in my back, and it seemed to go out of place, one Friday afternoon. It was bad enough so I had to sit at an angle.

    Before that my first response would have been to call a chiropractor to get over the problem, since that type of thing had not gone away on its own before. But it was too late in the week to get into a chiropractor that week, and I was out of town the next week. I knew I would be in misery for at least a week and a half.

    Then I remembered what I had heard. I took my scenar and began to work over the area, found a sticky spot, and let it work. Within minutes the first spot was gone, but the area still seemed to want attention. I worked around the area for a while, probably finding five or six sticky spots or so, and worked through each one. Each time the spot seemed to move slightly. Once all the spots were gone (about 15 or 20 minutes after I started), 85 to 90% of the pain was gone, and I had my full ROM back and was able to get to sleep easily.

    The next day I still had the minor residual discomfort, where I had stopped the evening before, I worked over the area again for maybe 10 minutes, again working thru sticky spots, and by the time I was done all the pain was gone, and I didn’t even consider seeing a chiropractor. In fact I haven’t seen one since then.

    Jeff Gibbs
    Edmonton, AB

  6. STORY #1.

    “Absolutely no symptoms in my sinus. Very cool!”
    Acute sinus pain experience

    One morning I woke up with very serious acute sinus pain. I had borrowed the 735Ag from a client, and decided to try it on my sinus.

    The program ran for just over ten minutes (at that time the longest I had seen was about 2 minutes), and I was getting a little nervous. As the program continued to run, I began to experience relief from the sinus pain, and some tingling on the surface of the skin over my cheek. When the program was complete, I shut off the unit and was able to go back to sleep.

    I awoke a little while later with absolutely no symptoms in my sinus, even the “normal” congestion I would have on any morning. Very cool!

    STORY #2.

    Deep tissue massage Muscle Relaxation experience

    I have been working with a client for about three years (I am a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist). He has very thick skin, and has had a stubborn back pain. He walks with his legs externally rotated, and has tremendous difficulty in relaxing during the session. Getting to his deeper tissues is typically very difficult, as his skin is very thick.

    About a week and a half after he had received his 735Ag, I went into the therapy room and put my hands on his back, AND MY HANDS SANK IN DIRECTLY TO THE MUSCLES!! There was no need to warm up the tissues to TRY to treat the muscles, I was getting to them with ease.

    I immediately asked what he was doing, and he told me about the SCENAR. I had to know more. I had never seen any change in tissues happen so suddenly. The only other time I’d seen changes like this was when a couple had completely changed their diet to organic, but even then it took months. This was miraculous.

    He was gracious enough to let me borrow the SCENAR to try on several of my patients, but there was little change. I have noticed that in order for any significant change to occur, several treatments over a short period of time are required for changing chronic conditions. Once a week was just not going to cut it.

    Tracy Jones
    Tampa, FL

  7. Richard Gaunt

    “For me, this is an extremely fast recovery.”
    The sprained ankle experience

    Last week I sprained my ankle playing basketball. It’s not the first time I’ve had such an injury. I could tell by the way I did it and the swelling I could feel in my shoe, and later visually see, that this was a pretty good sprain. Typically, I would think I would be limping noticeably for two weeks. Treatment would consist of icing the problem area and rest; keeping the foot elevated as much as possible.

    When I got home I iced the area first. Then I started using my Ex735ag around the injured area. I brushed the scenar all around the injured area and the opposite side of the ankle as well. I did this for 10 minutes on the injured area and 3 minutes on the non-injured side. Then I took readings with the Ex735ag and dosed the areas of high activities, dosing the highest activity areas first. There were three main areas that needed attention. Each took less than 5 minutes to dose.

    The next day I would do the same treatment of brushing and targeting high activity areas 3 times. The next day two times, and from then on once a day. Within 3 days I had a slight limp. Today, the sixth day, although it still feels injured, I can walk on it almost without any limp.

    For me, this is an extremely fast recovery. Without the scenar treatments, I would have expected to be practically immobile for 3-4 days and limping noticeably for 7-10 days. I expect to be playing again in a week.

    Richard Gaunt
    Hamilton, ON, Canada

  8. Teresa Vast

    “I turned it on and simply held it against every part of my body that ached.”
    Total newbie experience with the EX735 and a bad fall

    Shortly after I received my Scenar device, I tripped over a magazine rack in our home and landed hard on the wood floor. I was a little dazed and within a short time I began to feel ill, a little dizzy, and sore all over. I had to lie down to rest.

    After a few hours, I thought of the Scenar/Cosmodic device and figured I may as well try it. I wasn’t sure how best to use it, as I hadn’t had any training, but I turned it on and simply held it against every part of my body that ached.

    When I woke up the next morning, I felt great. I wasn’t sore and I had no bruises from the fall – except on one part of my arm. I figured out that I had missed treating that area – and that explained why only that one area was still sore. So I treated it, and within hours, it, too, was fine.

    Teresa Vast

  9. Patricia Deissler

    “I hardly would have known that I had burned myself so badly. No blisters nor redness!”
    Bad hand burn experience

    Well, my story may not be the most miraculous, however, I can state that the EX735ag Modific relieved me of a nasty burn to my hand. My husband had left the gas flame on underneath our heavy cast-iron pan in order to dry it and had forgotten to turn it off. It had been on for a long time. I unknowingly grabbed the handle in order to put it away and of course burned the inside of my hand grip, palm and fingers.

    Normally I would reach for my essential oil of lavender which does help the burn, however, this burn was really bad, and my lavender bottle was empty! So I remembered my scenar! Well, I thought, it couldn’t hurt to try and put my scenar to the test. Knowing that my modific has silver electrodes which is good for the skin as well, I literally grabbed the modific around the electrodes in the same way that I had grabbed the pan handle. In this way, I managed to cover the burned areas perfectly with the silver electrodes.

    The electrodes felt surprisingly cool on my hand and I continued to hold the scenar for about an hour like this. When I removed my hand it actually did not burn or even sting anymore. It felt very dry, but I was no longer in great pain. I then repeated this for about 15 minutest later that day. The next day, I hardly would have known that I had burned myself so badly. No blisters nor redness!

    Patricia Deissler

    Santa Fe, NM

  10. Judith Forsythe

    “Now he is fit and happy and thankful!”
    Fresh back injury as the first EX735Ag practitioner experience

    I had just purchased and received a bit of training for my EX735Ag and had arrived home at 8:00 pm. I slept a good night’s sleep and at 7:35 AM the very next morning my husband called and said that David, one of our employees, a 31 year old young man and someone I have known since he was 4, had hurt his back and could I drive all the way across town and give him a treatment right away so that he could feel better?!

    I had an appointment for personal training at 10:00 AM, so I needed to get right on this. I carefully placed my brand new device into my car, with the attendant paperwork and charged out to David’s home. I got there at about 8:30. I asked him where, how bad, what’s it like kind of questions. It turns out he had wrenched his back and was severely affected in his gluteus area, necessitating that he use his hands to push up to get up and to move very gingerly. He rated his pain at 8. I then proceeded to give him a three pathways treatment, intending to treat the dermatome near the area of pain.

    We were seven minutes treating the highest readings when David started sighing and saying, “Ooo, I feel woozy, a little light headed and nauseous” . I told him to keep breathing and to really lean over the desk he was near, in case he passed out, while I kept a reassuring hand on his back. I was telling him we had released toxins and that soon his liver would filter them out and he would feel a lot better. He was really uncomfortable and breathing raggedly…now remember, that this is my FIRST treatment with a friend and I am freaking out a little bit. SCENAR trouper that I am, he didn’t know.

    I hoped he would feel better. I decided that I would just let this final place dose and the dose was stuck at D65…until he asked could we please stop with the device and let him go to the couch. I said sure and put the device back in its case, depositing it in a very safe place, all the while keeping my hand on his back. I said, “No you don’t need to be up walking even to the couch when you feel that you could pass out. Please just keep breathing deeply”. He did this for about a minute and said, “There I feel adequately better, I can definitely make it to the couch now.” When he turned around and got up he was so gray and ashen in color, I was shocked. He made it to the couch and just plopped down, and continued deep breathing. I got him some water. He drank it and soon sat up, visibly pinker and said, ”Wow, that’s a lot better!”

    He started to just get up off the couch in a regular and not guarded and painful fashion, and when I pointed this out, he was amazed. Grinning, he swiveled his hips, a move of which he had been incapable earlier. I stayed with him a few more minutes until he and I agreed he was fine. At this time, he rated his pain and stiffness, maybe a 1. So incredibly pleased, relieved and surprised, I packed up my stuff, advised him to rest, drink a lot of water and left and made it to my exercise at 10:00 AM!

    Later in the day, my husband had a question for David and was pleased to hear he was remarkably better, using his body without pain and getting on with his day. The next day he called me and said that he was cured and that I didn’t need to do a followup appointment as we had scheduled, and he wondered about a little residual nausea…water and rest I said, and now he is fit and happy and thankful!

    Judith Forsythe

  11. Tom Bearden

    “Without the Scenar-cosmodic treatment and its efficacy, I would not have been functional today!”
    Treatment of chronic pain

    Dear Dr. Irina,

    Thank you very much for your patience and interest.

    This morning I had another typical uplifting experience with the beautiful scenar-cosmodic. For some reason, my body was aching tremendously when I awoke, and I was in very strong pain (knees, lower legs, back, neck, both shoulders, etc.). So rather than suffering with that, my first action upon awaking was to do a complete treatment with the scenar-cosmodic.

    The interesting thing was that the device absolutely sensed that my greatest problem was one of fierce pain. So it set itself on scenar mode, for heavy pain relief — and would not switch to cosmodic mode because its sensors detected that I simply had to have pain relief.

    And so that is what it generated and what occurred! I treated all those extremely painful parts and places with it, and when I finished an hour later I WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! That is rather astounding, and so I was able to then get up and face the day and get working a bit — whereas, without the scenar treatment and its efficacy, I would not have been functional today!

    As you can see, I’m delighted with the scenar-cosmodic, and it is giving me great service and benefit. My only wish is to have an increase also in the cosmodic aspect (healing aspect) of it, according to the explanation and understanding of its application of Dirac sea vacuum tickling that I prepared and previously furnished.

    Tom Bearden

    Huntsville, AL

  12. Cheryl Carter

    “I just can’t live without my fantastic SCENAR! This is a God send… It is WELL WORTH the price”
    Severe migraines experience

    I have had migraines since I was 19 years old (I’m now 63). Imitirex had not been invented at that time and I had to miss many work days due to the severe pain from my migraines. I once had a migraine which lasted for an entire month!

    I eventually heard about Imitrex after it was invented and it worked very well for me until I could no longer get it from friends because I moved, or obtain it online because I got a letter from the government saying it was “dangerous” and I could be “arrested” for ordering it, (which, I think is ridiculous, but I won’t go there), at which time I began my quest to find an alternative method of pain relief for my migraines.

    I tried using a cold cloth dipped in ice water on my head for awhile, but knew there just HAD to be something better out there. Excedrin Migraine was useless. I began an online search and first came across info on the Rife Machine. On one of the RIFE blogs, a guy wrote, “The RIFE is OK, but if I had the money, I would get a SCENAR AG Modific.” I was then led to Dr. Irina’s website and began reading about the SCENAR. After reading a lot of info as well as testimonials and then debating with myself about things like, would I just be wasting my money if it didn’t work, I finally decided to give it a try.

    Well, all I can say is WOW! It’s truly amazing! If you have migraines, I HIGHLY recommend the SCENAR with the 2-button attachment, (sorry, I don’t know the proper name for this attachment, but I’m sure Dr. Irina can help out there). This attachment sends waves of pain killing ecstasy up into your head and overpowers the pain of the migraine until it eventually just goes away.

    If I use the SCENAR when I first feel a migraine coming on, I can usually knock it out in about a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. Considering I can have migraines for days at a time, this is a God send.

    As for the price, how much is relief of severe pain worth to you? To me, it is WELL WORTH the price! You will not regret buying it. My original story was longer, but since I only had 500 characters, I couldn’t tell the whole story, but suffice it to say – I just can’t live without my fantastic SCENAR!

    “He was in utter shock! He couldn’t believe it after being in bed for 3 days.”
    Bulging disc experience

    The most surprising story happened to my son, not me. He has bulging disks in his back and, consequently, easily throws his back out. About 3 months ago, he threw his back out really bad to the point where he couldn’t even stand up. He was in bed for 3 days and couldn’t go to work. For some unknown reason, it just didn’t occur to him to use his SCENAR, (maybe the pain was so bad, his mind just didn’t go there – who knows?). Well, it finally dawned on him to try his SCENAR. He thought, “It can’t hurt.” (Oh ye of little faith). He put the SCENAR behind his back and just laid on it all day long.

    He finally tried to get out of bed so he could go to the kitchen to get something to eat. He said when he got out of bed, he was able to stand up totally straight for the first time in 3 days. He was in utter shock! He couldn’t believe it after being in bed for 3 days practically unable to move at all. I was then told, “You know, I think there is something to this thing.”

    Kids, they just don’t listen (ha ha). I tried to tell him how good the SCENAR was. He was able to go to work the next day as well. Too bad he didn’t use his SCENAR on the FIRST day and save himself all that pain and inconvenience.

    Cheryl Carter

  13. I am an NMD and SCENAR Therapist from Barcelona, Spain and I discovered this wonderful technology some years ago by chance. Now I owe several SCENAR and COSMODIC units, (SCENAR NT2, DOVE, PS705 and an Ex735AG Modific), which I use in my practice almost every day, together with my Low Level Laser Unit.

    STORY #1
    “She reported no pain at all and a feeling of deep pleasant relaxation.”
    Treating severe acute neck pain

    Let me start with an easy case:

    Lady of 69 years of age, physician, coming to see me due to a terribly painful stiff neck. Unable to move her head, she suspects a viral meningitis, but not all symptoms seem to match. She took anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers with no results.

    After assessing her case, I began with the Collar Zone protocol with my Cosmodic Ex735Ag.

    Within 8:43 minutes she began to move her neck from right to left with no discomfort, though she still had some pain when moving her head up and down. I looked for the reactive points and applied some laser to the Cranial Reflex Areas. 3:35 minutes later she was perfectly OK. I treated her twice more, (yesterday she had a small relapse), and she reported no pain at all and a feeling of deep pleasant relaxation.

    STORY #2
    “She immediately felt better, with no bleeding (she phoned me later on during the day), and no pain.”
    Treatment of miscarriage bleeding

    A lady 39 years old came to my practice and asked me if I could help her hemorrhages due to a miscarriage she had two days before. At the Hospital they told her she might bleed and have a mild pain in her gynecological area, but she reported a more than mild pain and bleeding.

    I used Flower Essences to treat her emotional turmoil and to “remove the trees in front of her and let her see the whole forest”. Then I began my Cosmodic/Low Level Laser treatment by working on her Palm/Abdominal Area, her Collar Zone and, in a further treatment, her Chakra Balance.

    She immediately felt better, with no bleeding (she phoned me later on during the day), and no pain. She also mentioned that her emotions were fully under control and she wanted to try to have a baby as soon as possible.

    Jaume Riera, NMD

    Barcelona, Spain

  14. “What did u do to me? BP right now is 101/63!″
    Treatment of high blood pressure

    This is about a 67 year old woman with high blood pressure. Her blood pressure has been extremely high. At one point in October, doctors would not let her leave the health clinic – the doctor told her he has had people drop dead right in front of him with b.p. as high as hers. Her blood pressure has been averaging 196/114, 186/114.

    On November 11, 2010, I treated her for approximately 20 minutes with the Ex735ag. I utilized the 3 pathways on the back – doing about 5 cycles for each pathway, and then we let the device dose at the thymus. (We also included use of the Q1000 using mode 2 on the heart). That was all we had the time for.

    Her blood pressure dropped considerably that evening to 120/80 and even 3 days later her b.p. was at 113/78. On November 25, I received a message that said, “hello, what did u do to me? Bp right now is 101/63″.

    I find this to be very encouraging and would love to see what continued use could do for keeping her blood pressure down. Unfortunately this relative of mine lives 7 hours away and does not have to funds to purchase a device. But good news none-the-less!

    Leah Diller, CMT
    Santa Clara, CA

  15. Dr. Don Snow

    “I have treated over 300 cases and have a 90+% permanent success rate.”
    Treatment of neuropathies and neuralgias

    I have many stories and experiences with SCENAR. First, I use 2 705 models and the AG 735 Modific. I must also tell you that I ALWAYS combine SCENAR with acupuncture and get stellar results with 90%+ of my patients.

    My first observations concern neuropathies and neuralgias. I have treated over 300 cases and have a 90+% permanent success rate with neuropathies. The following are the types of neuropathies that I see the most and the effects of treatment on that type of neuropathy:

    1. Diabetic Neuropathy: 98% permanent success rate after 9 to 15 treatments starting with 2 to 3 treatments per week and weaning the patient of treatments. All patients required to come every four months for tune-up after correction reached.

    2. Neuropathy from Chemotherapy: This is the most resistant to treatment and only 50% respond at all; and of these none have gotten 100% relief/or feeling back. However, IF they respond you can expect 80 to 90% permanent relief.

    3. Neuropathy from Heavy Metal Exposure: About the same as Chemotherapy.

    4. Neuropathy from Agent Orange Exposure: 95% plus permanent success.

    It must also be noted that I have never gotten these kinds of results with acupuncture alone, nor with SCENAR alone. I apply acupuncture using a Pachi-pachi e’stim device first, and then apply SCENAR. I have found that pachi-pachi acts as a VERY strong SCENAR frequency and causes the body to respond, then SCENAR/Cosmodic can then find asymmetries to treat. So SCENAR is the finishing tool.

    I am sincerely,

    Dr. Don Snow, DAOM, MPH, L.Ac.
    Lake Charles, LA

  16. “She is sleeping better and is grateful for that.”
    Restless Legs Healed with Scenar/Cosmodic

    Sharon was diagnosed with a Parkinson’s like condition at age 23 years. She is now 50 years old and continues with tremors and other symptoms. Recently she has suffered from restless leg syndrome. Her physician put her on Requip but it was too expensive for her. She was having many sleepless nights and so he then put her on benzodiazapines or Xanax. When I learned of this I told her about the high addiction rate and the gross difficulties associated with this drug. She went off from it and did have some difficulty with withdrawal.

    Shortly after this I was reading a scenar therapist’s posts and it was suggested that dosing the top and bottom of the spine would stop restless legs. So we did that with Sharon. At first the restless legs continued about every 2 minutes. So, we dosed the top and bottom of the spine again and the restlessness slowed to once every 5 minutes. Then we dosed again and the restlessness slowed to once every 10 minutes. One last time we dosed the top and bottom of the spine and the restless legs stopped.

    The stopped restless legs lasted for approximately one month. We repeated the process again and the restlessness stopped again. Another month passed and we repeated the process. This time the restlessness was more difficult to overcome and so we added a product that includes L-Arginine. The combination has worked very well. No drugs. No benzos. She is sleeping better and is grateful for that. We have used the 735 or C-Dove for this treatment.

    Dr. Marie Green (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)
    Utah, USA

  17. “It is wonderful to have tools for neurological issues right at home!”
    Treatment of acute partial speech loss and difficulty swallowing (possible mild stroke)

    I own an EX 735 Ag. For two days my 93 year old father experienced partial loss of his ability to speak following hospitalization for a different, unrelated reason. After about every five sentences easily spoken, he could not formulate words with his mouth for the following sentence. He also had significant difficulty swallowing during the same two days.

    I remembered that I could use my scenar on the back of his neck to “access” the nerves in the brain. I put the scenar across the middle of his neck/the spine about the levels of C3-C5. I held it there for about 45 minutes. During this time I used soft laser on Broca’s speech area of the skull as well as along the saggital suture line and at the occiput. I used Modes 2, 3 and 5 on the soft laser for about 15 minutes total.

    About an hour following finishing with the scenar, his speech and swallowing improved simultaneously. His speech and swallowing dysfunction did not regress.

    It is two weeks since the speech and swallowing problem. I used the scenar and soft laser a second time on the day following the improvement in the same area: I repeated what I had done initially yet for only about 30 minutes total. It was a most welcome phenomenon that the issues were so quickly resolved.

    It is wonderful to have tools for neurological issues right at home!

    Chris McCormack, RN
    Boise, ID

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