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  1. Meagan Noe

    I am looking at your product for Ulceritive Colitis. Does it Help? And if so, where can I purchase it?

    • Dear Meagan,

      Ulcerative Colitis more often than not is an autoimmune disorder and, as such, involves working not only locally on the digestive system, but also systemically on the entire body. The bad news is, autoimmune diseases are very stubborn and require a long time and complex therapy for reversal. The good news is, it can be done, and the EX735Ag Slider x2 is one of the best instruments you can have for that purpose. The digestive system is usually quite responsive to energy healing and regenerates well; it just needs some help.

      Please call us tall-free 855-468-0033 (or +1-905-468-0033 landline) with any question you may have regarding ordering or email support@healthboss.org.

  2. bryce

    Has anyone had success with the device and healing tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

    • Madri

      There is this video titled “Tinnitus Treatment with Scenar and Scio – YouTube”. And on the web sites of scenar-practioners tinnitus is mentioned as one of the things they treat. But perhaps, you’ve already been healed (with a scenar) from your tinnitus…?

  3. John

    Dear Dr. Irina,
    I have an EX735Ag Modific. How would I address a Multiple Sclerosis patient. How many sessions or how long to treat this person.

  4. shona

    How long is the `life of the ex735ag ,there was reference to the system having a cut off point .what does this mean , does the technology have a memory capacity? What happens if more than one person uses it ? what happens if it is used on animals and humans ? I work with humans and horses.
    This device is of great interest to me as I work in the energy field and have significant results .
    kindest regards
    Shona Wilson

    • Dr. Irina

      Dear Shona,

      The EX735Ag works on humans and animals (including horses) with similar efficiency (after all, we are not all too different, are we?)

      The device indeed has memory. It remembers the systems it works with and tunes itself to it for maximum efficiency. That means, the more you use it on the same person (or animal) the more efficient your treatment will become. If you are working on different people, the device will recognize that particular system from the memory bank and adjust itself accordingly.

      As per the life span of the EX735Ag, there is no limit on it. We have people who are using it successfully for the last 3-4 years (since the inception of the model). One of my own units from the very first batch works just fine 🙂

      Hope it helps.

      Dr. Irina